ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets

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ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets

For use in adults and adolescents from the age of 12

Active ingredients: asparagus rhizome powder, parsley powder film-coated

tablets for oral use

Asparagus-P® film-coated tablets are a traditional herbal medicinal product.

Asparagus-P® film-coated tablets are traditionally used to support the kidney's excretory function. The medicinal product is a traditional medicinal product that is only registered for the area of ​​application because it has been used for many years.

active ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets ingredients

  • 200 mg asparagus root powder
  • 200 mg parsley herb powder

ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets excipients

  • Macrogol 6000
  • Silica, colloidal, amorphous, hydrophobic
  • stearic acid (vegetable)
  • ethyl cellulose

ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets indication

  • The preparation is a traditional herbal medicinal product.
  • Traditionally used to support the kidney's excretory function. This information is based solely on tradition and many years of experience. A doctor should be consulted if there is blood in the urine, fever or if the symptoms persist for more than 5 days or if you have acute urinary retention.

asparagus rhizome benefits:

The newly formed shoots (spears), root, and “underground stems” (rhizomes) are used to make medicine. Asparagus is used along with lots of fluids as “irrigation therapy” to increase urine output. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections and other conditions of the urinary tract that cause pain and swelling.

parsley root benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients. Parsley root boasts a rich supply of nutrients. ...
  • Provides powerful antioxidants. ...
  • May fight inflammation. ...
  • May boost detoxification. ...
  • May boost your immunity. ...
  • May have anticancer properties. ...
  • Easy to add to your diet.

Nutrition. Parsley's vitamin K is important because it helps blood to clot in addition to contributing to bone health. Parsley is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, which help reduce the risk of serious health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer.

ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets dosage

  • Always take the medicine exactly as directed. Please ask your doctor, therapist or pharmacist if you are not sure.
  • Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor/therapist, the usual dose is:
    • Adults and children over 12 years of age take 4 film-coated tablets 3 times a day. If necessary, the amount can be adjusted to 2 film-coated tablets 3 times a day.


  • If you take more of the medicine than you should.
    • Signs of overdose are not known to date.


  • If you forget to take the medicine
    • Do not take a double dose to make up for the previous dose, but continue to take it as directed or as directed by your doctor/therapist.
    • Before interrupting or prematurely ending the treatment, consult your doctor or therapist.

ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets way

  • It is best to take the medicine before meals with 1-2 glasses of water. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.

side effects

  • Like all medicines, the preparation can have side effects, although not everyone gets them.
  • In rare cases, allergic skin or mucous membrane reactions are possible. Phototoxic reactions (damaging effects of light) are possible, particularly in light-skinned people.
  • If these side effects occur, the drug should be discontinued and a doctor consulted.
  • If, during the course of treatment, you experience any side effects that are not listed, please inform your doctor or pharmacist.

ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets interactions

  • Interactions with other drugs are not known to date.


  • The medicine must not be taken
    • if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to asparagus rhizome powder, parsley herb powder or any of the other ingredients of the preparation.
    • The drug should not be taken in the case of inflammatory kidney diseases. NOTE: No flushing therapy for edema (water retention) due to impaired heart or kidney function.

pregnancy and breast feeding period

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should only take the drug after consulting your doctor/therapist.

patient ASPARAGUS P, parsley root film-coated tablets notes

  • Particular caution is required when taking/using the drug
    • No precautions need to be observed.