ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, ampoules

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ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, INJEKTOPAS SL ampoules

Homeopathic medicine

Liquid dilution for injection.

Areas of ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, application:
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures.
These include: Improvement of spasmodic symptoms in respiratory infections.

Contains sodium chloride.

1 ampoule 2 ml contains:
active ingredients
Cuprum aceticum Dil. D6 4mg
Drosera Dil. D1 4 mg
Hyoscyamus dil. D2 4 mg
Eriodictyon californicum dil. D2 4 mg

Excipients: sodium chloride, water for injections.

Homeopathic medicine for diseases of the respiratory organs.

active ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, ingredients

  • 4 mg Cuprum aceticum D6
  • 4 mg Drosera D1
  • 4 mg Hyoscyamus niger D2
  • 4 mg Eriodictyon californicum D2

ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, excipients

  • sodium chloride
  • water for injections

What is Asthma-Injektopas® SL and what is it used for?
Asthma-Injektopas® SL is a homeopathic medicine for use in diseases of the respiratory organs.
The areas of application are derived from the homeopathic drug pictures. These include: Improvement of spasmodic symptoms in respiratory infections.

How should Asthma-Injektopas® SL be used?
Always use the medicine exactly as instructed in the package leaflet. Please ask your homeopathically
experienced therapist or pharmacist if you are not quite sure.

Unless otherwise prescribed:
Adults and adolescents from the age of 12: In acute conditions, inject 1-2 ml iv, im or sc up to 3 times a day.

An application longer than one week should only be done after consultation with a homeopathically experienced therapist.

In the case of chronic forms, inject 1-2 ml iv, im or sc once or twice a week.
If the symptoms improve, the frequency of application should be reduced.

What Asthma-Injektopas® SL ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, contains:
The active ingredients are: 1 ampoule (2 ml) contains: Cuprum aceticum dil. D6 4.0 mg, Drosera dil. D1 4.0 mg,
Hyoscyamus dil. D2 4.0 mg, Eriodictyon californicum Dil. D2 4.0 mg.

The other ingredients ASTHMA, Drosera, Hyoscyamus niger, are:
sodium chloride, water for injections.

Net capacity:
10 x 2 ml

Cuprum aceticum benefits:

Cuprum Aceticum Dilution is a versatile medicine that has many types of uses. It is prepared from the neutral acetate of copper and is useful for treating skin leprosy and psoriasis. Extended labor pain of women is also reduced by using it. The facial pain of jaws and ear can also be treated by using this remedy.

Drosera benefits:

Drosera is usually used to treat ailments such as asthma, coughs, lung infections, and stomach ulcers. Medicinal preparations are primarily made using the roots, flowers, and fruit-like capsules.

Hyoscyamus niger benefits:

Henbane is used in traditional herbal medicine for ailments of the bones, rheumatism, toothache, asthma, cough, nervous diseases, and stomach pain. It might also be used as analgesic, sedative, and narcotic in some cultures.

Eriodictyon californicum benefits:

The leaves are an aromatic pleasant tasting tonic herb that reduces spasms, expels phlegm and lowers fevers. They are especially recommended for treating diseases of the chest and respiratory system, including asthma, and are also used in the treatment of hay fever.