ASTMA Pikflometr Personal Best Standard x 1 piece

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  • ASTMA. Portable, convenient device to help control respiratory function, which Pikflometr Personal Best Standard. It is necessary equipment for people struggling with asthma and obstructive lung diseases.

Accuracy: 5%; Repeatability: 1% variation: 5%; Dimensions: 165mm x 51mm x 20mm; the full range: 60-810l / min; Accuracy: 10l / min; Low range: 50-390l / min; Accuracy: 5 l / min.

Pikflometr Personal Best standard used to measure PEFR, or peak expiratory flow. Low values represent obstacles to the flow of air that may be caused by swelling of the mucosa, bronchial smooth muscle contraction and increased mucus secretion. Low values indicate bronchospasm and exacerbation of asthma severity. Regular use of a peak flowmeter allows for detection of impending asthma attacks or other effects, thus allowing, for example. Earlier ingestion of a higher dose that was saved by the attending physician. For measurements were reliable and meaningful need to do them regularly, morning and evening, at certain times, for a long time. At the same time should be monitored well-being, as well as the list appearing symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath. The device also has a system of three zones, which the doctor sets individually for a particular patient. Green Zone PEFR value in the range of 100-80% of predicted; the yellow zone PEFR value in the range of 80-60% of predicted; red zone PEFR value below 60% of predicted value in the red zone is a signal to immediately contact a physician.

Pikflometr Personal Best Standard recommended for people with obstructive lung disease, and for asthmatics. The device can perform daily measurements of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR), which facilitates control of the respiratory function.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature. Warranty: 2 years. Pouch included.

Remove the cover, unfold the second portion so as to form a handle. Set a hint peak flowmeter to "0". Take a deep breath, press his lips to the mouthpiece, sealed their lips. Strongly and quickly exhale, make note of the PEFR. Repeat the measurement twice, previously setting the pointer to "0". The highest value note in PEFR Documentation course of treatment.