ATOPIVET hair loss in dogs, cats

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ATOPIVET softgel capsules hair loss in dogs, cats

Pack size:60 pcs Dosage form:Capsules


Supplementary feed to support the skin function in the case of skin changes and excessive hair loss in dogs and cats

ATOPIVET is a supplementary feed for dogs and cats. ATOPIVET helps to restore and build up the skin barrier, especially during or after skin irritations such as itching and dermatological problems can occur.

For use on skin changes and excessive hair loss

ATOPIVET hair loss in dogs, cats, Atopivet® soft gel capsules for dogs and cats

Supplementary feed to support the skin function in the event of skin changes and excessive hair loss in dogs and cats

Nucleoforce ® is a concentrate specially developed for dogs from different groups of nucleotides. Nucleotides are semi-essential nutrients - the basic structural units of nucleic acids in cells. The diet usually contains only small amounts of nucleotides. The synthesis of these cell components is very expensive in terms of energy. Nucleotides supplemented by ATOPIVET ® are of decisive importance for promoting cell repair and cell division. Because of their ability to modulate the immune response, the various uses of oral nucleotides have been researched for years. Nutritional supplements with nucleotides can promote both skin regeneration and the growth of dermal fibroblasts, especially in the case of skin problems. Dermial ®, a patented hyaluronic acid formulation, can significantly increase the growth and migration of dermal fibroblasts. Fibroblasts make a decisive contribution to the skin's ability to regenerate.

Dermial ® hyaluronic acid increases the production of elastin and increases the skin 's ability to bind water. If the skin function is impaired, the lipid concentration in the outer skin layer is influenced. Skin dryness increases and allergens and bacteria can more easily penetrate the disturbed skin barrier. Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) can help reduce severe itching and skin irritation. With an intact protective skin layer, ceramides are released from the keratinocytes of the epidermis into the intercellular matrix in order to ensure the cellular cohesion and the function of the protective skin barrier. Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) promotes the regeneration of the protective layer and reduces the dehydration of the skin.

Zinc plays an important role in the cell metabolism of the skin and, in addition to a healthy and shiny coat, promotes the maintenance of an intact protective skin barrier. Since the vitamin E concentration in the blood of dogs with skin dysfunction is significantly lower than in dogs with an intact skin barrier, oral supplementation of this important vitamin can lead to a significant improvement in skin problems. ATOPIVET ® with its unique combination of concentrated ingredients supports healthy skin function in a natural and efficient way.

ATOPIVET hair loss in dogs, cats:

composition per capsule
Omega-3 fatty acids
- including EPA
572 mg
400.4 mg
Nucleotides 300 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids 75 mg
30 mg GLA
Vitamin E. 27 mg
zinc oxide 12.82 mg
Hyaluronic acid 10 mg


ATOPIVET hair loss in dogs, cats Recommended use:

  • For skin dysfunction associated with irritation, itching and / or increased hair loss

ATOPIVET hair loss in dogs, cats Dosage and form of administration:
Give ATOPIVET ® once a day orally for at least 4 weeks according to the following dosage table:

body weight Capsules per day
<10 kg 1
10-20 kg 2
20-30 kg 3
> 30 kg 4th