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  • Sometimes a plain patch with a dressing is not enough to adequately take care of the injury, it is worthwhile to reach for Atrauman Ag Dressage with ointment, which prevents the growth of bacteria inside the wound and accelerates its healing.

ATRAUMAN Ag Dressing with ointment Action:
Atrauman Ag Dressing with ointment is a hydrophobic polymeric mesh covered with silver metal. Furthermore, the mesh as the carrier material of the dressing is impregnated with ointment from triglyceride free (triglyceride) triglycerides. Dressing disinfects, because silver is released from the product by exuding silver ions with bactericidal properties against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, including MRSA. Silver ions migrate only to the wound, which guarantees a low cytotoxicity of the product. Dressing was designed in such a way that the wound secretion with the bacteria does not remain in the product but is passed to the second dressing. In addition, Atrauman Ag allows for free flow of air and water vapor to accelerate wound healing. Dressing is thin and soft, This allows for perfect adhesion to the wound, and the ointment keeps the wound edges flexible. The product can be easily and quickly exchanged without fear of pain, as the outer layer of the carrier material and the ointment prevent adhesion of the dressing to the wound. Sterile Atrauman Ag Dressing with ointment retains its antimicrobial properties for at least 7 days.

ATRAUMAN Ag Dressing with ointment Use:
Atrauman Ag Dressing with ointment for the treatment and topical treatment of chronic and acute wounds, burns I and II, wounds subjected to critical bacterial colonization, and to wound wounds in immunocompromised patients to reduce the risk of infection.

ATRAUMAN Ag Dressing with ointment Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.

Directions for use:
Apply to the wound as a contact bandage, then apply a second dressing as a secondary absorbent layer. The product leaves no residue on the skin.

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