Audispray, dissolve ear wax, ear wax dissolver

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Audispray, dissolve ear wax, ear wax dissolver

Pack size:50 ml Dosage form:spray

a 100% natural seawater solution.

Active dissolve ear wax, ear wax dissolver ingredients

  • 1000 mg sea water.

Audispray dissolve ear wax, ear wax dissolver - a 100% natural seawater solution

  • AUDISPRAY is a 100% natural product made from microbiologically controlled seawater. Numerous studies prove the wax dissolving effect of AUDISPRAY and the prevention of plug formation with regular use.
  • A spray attachment adapted to the anatomy of the ear with integrated overpressure protection guarantees reliable atomization into the external auditory canal.

AUDISPRAY, the world leader in ear hygiene, is a hypertonic solution made from seawater that is subject to microbiological control and multiple filters. The seawater solution liquefies and dissolves the ear wax, allowing it to be excreted naturally.

The ions and trace elements present in seawater have, in connection with the hypertonic effect of the solution, biophysical properties that promote the dissociation and dissolution of the cerumen-forming fat particles.

Product dissolve ear wax, ear wax dissolver
features : AUDISPRAY is a patented product in the form of a practical spray, which ensures regular ear hygiene and is the best alternative to the dangerous cotton swabs.
AUDISPRAY is offered in a bottle that allows about 200 atomizations. The propellant gas is neutral: nitrogen

  • A tolerance study showed that AUDISPRAY does not irritate the sensitive skin of the ear canal.
  • The only precautionary measure is not to use the product with a perforated eardrum or transtympanic ventilation.
  • AUDISPRAY is a European medical device and is monitored by the responsible health authorities.