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AURA HERBALS My Sugar - Correct Sugar Level 60 capsules

The special properties of the active ingredients

White mulberry - helps to maintain the balance of carbohydrate metabolism in the body.
Ginger - Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Fenugreek - helps to maintain the proper level of glucose in the blood.
Gurmar - helps to maintain the correct level of sugar in the body.
Green tea - helps to maintain normal blood glucose levels as part of a healthy lifestyle.

100% vegetable-derived

for-vegan-Aura-Herbals Vegetable cellulose Correct Sugar Level capsule shell suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
White mulberry is a deciduous tree native to Asian countries. The properties of white mulberry have been used in the Far East for centuries. The most active substances are found in mulberry leaves.
Fenugreek is a plant with brown pods that contain yellow-brown seeds. It occurs in the Mediterranean, India, Pakistan and China. Fenugreek seeds, also called methi, are often used in Ayurveda.
Gurmar, also known as Gymnema Sylvestre, has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years.
In Hindi, "gurmar" means "sugar destroyer". This tree-like vine grows in tropical climates in Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and Australia.

Correct Sugar Level Ingredients

Inulin, white mulberry leaf extract DER 15: 1 DNJ 1%, ginger root extract DER 10: 1 standardized for 5% gingerols, fenugreek seed extract DER 15: 1 standardized for 25% saponins, gurmaru leaf extract DER 4: 1, green tea leaf extract DER 4: 1, L-leucine, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

Ingredients per daily dose

Active ingredients / 2 capsules
White mulberry extract / 200 mg / -
1% 1-deoxynojirmycin (DNJ) 2 mg
Ginger extract 20 mg / -
5% gingerols / 10 mg
Fenugreek extract / 200 mg / -
including: 25% saponins / 50 mg
extract 200 mg Green tea extract 200 mg

Recommended daily intake Correct Sugar Level Recommended daily intake

: 2 capsules. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Directions Correct Sugar Level for use

Take 1 capsule with water. Use twice a day.


Store in a dry place below 25 ° C. Store the dietary supplement out of the reach of small children.

Net Correct Sugar Level amount of

60 capsules

Correct Sugar Level Producer

Aura Herbals Sp. z o
. o . ul. Grunwaldzka 49/2
81-754 Sopot