AURECON drops 10ml ear wash

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  • The preparation Aurecon drops (drops) improves the effectiveness of cleaning ears, prevents sticking ear wax inside the ear canal, reduces the secretion of excessive amounts of ear wax.

Olive oil, tea tree oil, chamomile oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, lavender oil

Aurecon drops were created so that on the one hand most fully meet all the needs of health ears, on the other - to avoid risks resulting from improper hygiene procedures. As a result, Aurecon drops are useful and easy to use means for regular cleaning of the ear canal.The product contains only natural substances, effective and give a good protection against undesirable microorganisms. The product contains no preservatives or chemical additives. It is the perfect complement to the ear candles Aurecon plus.
Aurecon drops are the new solution to the problems of hygiene ears.Facilitate cleaning of the external auditory canal, prevent ear wax from sticking to the walls of the ear canal, soften earwax and facilitate its removal. Increase the efficiency of candles to the ears.
The preparation Aurecon drops:
Enhances effectiveness of cleaning ears
prevents inflammation sticking ear wax inside the ear canal
-Restriction secretion of excessive amounts of ear wax
prevents inflammation proliferation of microorganisms
Retains natural physiological environment
-Includes only natural substances
-not contain any chemical additives.

1.Pochylić head to the side and let 3-5 drops Aurecon drops into the ear canal.
2.Pozostać in this position for 5 ± 0.53 minutes, then thoroughly clean the ear.

Use 1raz week, in case of excessive formation of ear wax depending on your needs.
With the occurrence of any problems - whistle, pain, feeling of pressure - do not underestimate them and consult your doctor