AURUM COMP, olibanum, Aurum metallicum, Myrrha

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AURUM COMP olibanum, Aurum metallicum, Myrrha globules

pack size:20g Dosage form:globules

Aurum comp. Globuli velati

1 g globules contains: 10 mg Aurum metallicum D7, 10 mg Olibanum D4, 10 mg Myrrha D4 Areas of

AURUM COMP, olibanum, Aurum metallicum, Myrrha application:

Areas of application according to anthroposophical knowledge of man and nature.
Harmonization and stabilization of the structure of the human body in chronic-degenerative and injury-related (traumatic) damage to the central nervous system and for the after-treatment of inflammatory diseases of the brain, in mental illnesses, developmental and behavioral disorders, functional cardiovascular disorders.

Warning: This medicinal product contains sucrose and lactose.

Homeopathic medicine.

active AURUM COMP, olibanum, Aurum metallicum, Myrrha ingredients

  • 10 mg Aurum metallicum D7
  • 10 mg Myrrha D4
  • 10 mg olibanum D4

AURUM COMP, olibanum, Aurum metallicum, Myrrha excipients

  • sucrose
  • lactose

olibanum benefits:

Laboratory research suggests that olibanum could have cardioprotective benefits. It appears to do this by lowering blood lipids, reducing plaque, and by working as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In the long run, this may help reduce the chance of heart disease, though more studies are needed.

Aurum metallicum benefits:

Aurum Metallicum Dilution is a homoeopathic medicine which has various health benefits. It helps in treating chronic headache and congestion in the head. It is also effective in treating tonsillitis and throat pain. Burning pain in the stomach and inguinal glands is also relieved using this remedy.

Myrrha benefits:

  • Kills Harmful Bacteria. ...
  • May Support Oral Health. ...
  • Supports Skin Health and May Help Heal Sores. ...
  • Combats Pain and Swelling. ...
  • May Be a Powerful Antioxidant. ...
  • Kills Some Parasites. ...