Automatic Fish Feeder

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Automatic Fish Feeder.
Automatic Fish Tank Pond Food Feeder Feeding Timer Aquarium New.
Aquarium Automatic Food Feeders

Item Description:

●Mini shape, space-saving.
Extremely low power.
●Patented features - No jam, no clog and no fuss.
●Quick settings and easy-of-use.
●Can be operated automatically or manually.
Feeding times:Can set to once or twice daily.
●Set up to 2 feeding times: 12H or 24H.
●Work with dry or loose flakes or pellets.
●Manual food volume adjustor.
●Has a built in digital clock for accuracy.
●Ideal for various sizes of aquarium with two options of placing the food feeder on acquarium: free standing or rim-mounted.

Type of battery: 2*AA alkaline batteries (not included)

Material: Plastic
Color: Black.

Package Includs:
1 x Automatic Fish Feeder