AVENE Antirougeurs Jour SPF20 Moisturizing Emulsion - Protective vascular skin 40ml

Pierre Fabre

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  • AVENE Antirougeurs emulsion - light cream-emulsion nursing protection for the skin with dilated capillaries normal or mixed.

Light cream nursing protection for sensitive skin reduces erythema and at the same time to prevent the occurrence of new redness on the face. The cream regulates the microcirculation and protects sensitive skin from harmful external factors. The cream is rich in thermal water of Avene with soothing and mitigation, quickly and effectively reduces the feeling of heat and skin irritation. Thanks to the factors that protect blood vessels (extract of Ruscus, hesperidin methyl ) and przeciwobrzękowych (dextran sulfate) reduces congestion and protects the skin against the formation of erythema.Includes filter Sunscreen SPF 10, which protects the skin from escalating erythema UVA and UVB rays. With a light and non-greasy texture perfectly absorbed, leaving no greasy on the skin .Moisturizes and protects, restores the skin with dilated capillaries lost comfort and natural color. If used regularly, protects the skin from redness and paroxysmal effectively reduces redness due to vasodilation. Recommended for the day, on the whole face.

The skin should be thoroughly cleaned mild liquid milk (eg. The fluid micellar for cleaning and removing make skin prone to redness and Avene thermal water spray). Gently dry. Then apply a small amount of cream. Apply in the morning, once a day.
For best results, use in the evening on reddened skin areas used Diroseal skin care treatment.