Avene Cold Cream cleaning block 100g

Pierre Fabre

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  • Avene cold cream. Cleaning block of Cold Cream creates a creamy, delicately scented foam gently washes, it does not affect the hydrolipidic film and leaves a protective skin, giving a feeling of great comfort layer. It does not alter the natural pH of the skin dry.
No soap. Hypoallergenic product. Non-comedogenic. pH = 6.5.

thermal water of 0.7% Avene
Cold Cream
gentle washing base


1. It nourishes and protects. With a high proportion of cold cream and related fat components.
2. It soothes and prevents irritation. Thanks to the high content of thermal water Avene.

Ankle Cold Cream can be used for daily toilet dry and very dry sensitive skin of infants, children and adults.

How to use:
Apply to the face and body.