AVENOC ointment 30g hemorrhoids treatment


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  • Avenoc ointment hemorrhoids treatment. The measure contains adrenaline in the composition of the blood vessels shrink tubing and natural plant extracts whose beneficent power, the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, such as bleeding, pain, itching and burning.

Hemorrhoids treatment Composition:
Adrenaline (1), hydrochloride amyleiny, peony medical, lesser celandine

Action: Avenoc ointment hemorrhoids treatment is safe and comfortable in the application preparation, the action affects the alleviation of distressing symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, which include: bleeding, burning, itching in the anal area and pain during a bowel movement. Avenoc ointment hemorrhoids treatment, soothes and restores quality of life. An additional advantage is the fact that the ointment Avenoc contains no irritants or no preservatives, and its composition is based on plant extracts such as peony medical and lesser celandine and additionally enriched with adrenaline shrink tubing blood vessels and hydrochloride amyleiny acting local anesthetic and antipruritic .Ointment does not dirty underwear and interacts with other drugs.

Application: Avenoc ointment hemorrhoids treatment, relieves the symptoms of hemorrhoids and reduces pain, itching and burning around the anus.Soothes the daily physiological functions.

Usage: Ointment for external use. The ointment is applied to cleansed skin around the anus or varicose veins outside 2-3 times a day. Suitable consistency facilitates the distribution of the ointment. Despite the resolution of symptoms, treatment should continue for several consecutive days.