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AVENOC suppositories, suppository haemorrhoids


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AVENOC suppositories x 10 pieces for use in the haemorrhoids

  • Avenoc Suppositories for use in the haemorrhoids. The preparation contains the composition of natural plant extracts whose beneficent power, the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids such as bleeding, pain, itching and burning. It contains no preservatives.


AVENOC suppositories, suppository haemorrhoids Ingredients:

Peony officinalis, Three-stamen pastwin, Horse chestnut, Witch hazel.. It does not contain phenol and other preservatives.


Action AVENOC suppositories, suppository haemorrhoids:

Avenoc Suppositories, is a natural preparation, the action affects the alleviation of distressing symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, which include: bleeding, burning, itching around the anus, and pain during a bowel movement. Avenoc soothes and restores quality of life. An additional advantage is the fact that Avenoc suppositories do not contain any preservatives or irritants, and their composition is based on the unique plant extracts and contains: Paeonia officinalis, Pastwin trójpręcikowy, Horse Chestnut and Hamamelis virginiana. These materials work: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and also strengthen capillaries and relieve discomfort hemorrhoids. In addition, suppositories are comfortable in your application, do not get dirty underwear and are free from side effects.

Use: Avenoc Suppositories, relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids and eliminate the pain, itching and burning around the anus. Restores the comfort of everyday physiological functions.


Usage AVENOC suppositories, suppository haemorrhoids:

Suppositories used rectally. The application should be done 2 times a day 1 suppository (morning and evening) after the local toilets.