AVENT Bottle 125ml Classic 560/17

Philips Avent

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  • High quality Classic 125ml bottle is ideal for every mom. The product is safe, functional and fits the teats of the Classic line, and also cares about the comfort feeding, not allowing the formation of colic and gas.

Bottle 125ml Classic is a practical high quality product, which can be subjected to microwaving without the risk of release of undesirable substances. Polypropylene does not contain bisphenol A and is transparent, allowing you to control the amount of food consumed by the child. The precision of the protection against leakage, and in addition the bottle is suitable for all teats of the Classic. Two-piece system przeciwkolkowy (bottle and pacifier) ​​reduces the probability of colic and discomfort because they prevent the ingress of air into the baby's tummy. The optimum shape of the bottle allows accurate washing of the product.

The product depending on the teat for feeding children from the first days of life.

Additional information:
The product can be heated in the microwave and dishwasher safe. It is recommended to use a bottle Classic Series only teats of the same line.