AVENT Breast pads one-day x 30 pieces 254/30

Philips Avent

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  • AVENT Breast pads disposable per day were made of body-friendly material, which absorbs moisture well, and at the same time allows the body to breathe. Inserts well persist for underwear.

The inserts are made ​​of well-absorbing material, perfectly absorb moisture.

AVENT Breast pads single day is a product designed specifically for women who are breastfeeding. The product has several protective layers, as well as additional foil which makes it well absorbs moisture, ensuring a dry and comfortable throughout the day. The insert PHILIPS AVENT is thicker and wider than traditional pads, and the product remains perfectly in place, thanks to the double tape that makes insert exactly adjacent to the laundry. The inserts have been dermatologically tested, their production uses natural materials. They do not cause contact allergies and allows the body to breathe freely!

Recommended for protection against troublesome leakage, and spotting during lactation.