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  • Avent natural bottles. Small bottle for little man - Bottle of Avent Natural 125ml! For babies from the first days of life who can not be breastfed. Its unique shape and innovative teat provide a natural feeling for your child.

Natural Bottle 125ml: 1pc; Natural teat 0m + for bottle: 1pc; lid: 1pc

The Avent Natural bottle was created so that moms who can not breastfeed were able to provide the baby with a similar feeding pattern. The innovative, wide, silicone teat has the shape that imitates the construction of the nipple, designed to make it easier for the baby to suck in the bottle, just as it does when breastfeeding. Special petals placed inside the teat give it flexibility and softness to protect it from falling down. In addition, the advanced anti-lock system (double valve) inhibits the air entering the baby's tummy, directing them into the bottle. Both the bottle and the teat do not contain bisphenol A. The bottle is made of polypropylene, has an ergonomic shape, well in the palm of your hand. The whole is easy to fold and spread, has few parts, is quick and easy to clean.

Avent Natural bottle recommended for feeding babies from the first days of life.

Additional information: The
product does not contain bisphenol A. Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.