AVENT Nipple Covers Silicone SMALL x 2 pieces 156/00

Philips Avent

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  • Soft, silicone skins on his chest will enjoy the natural feeding the child in cases cracked and sore nipples. Thanks to the unique shape of the child remains in direct contact with the breast.

Package Contents:
2 x silicone skin on his chest.

Casings company Avent are made ​​of soft silicone. It does not contain dangerous bisphenol A. The product has no taste or smell. The shell is thin, has a unique shape of a butterfly, which allows constant contact with the child's breast. As a result, the child senses the heat and the smell of the mother, and this helps him tight the suction.

Nipple Covers protect your nipples during breastfeeding. Diameter - 15 mm. Cover before using slightly moisten, then gently stretching, put on his chest.

Additional information:
Casings should only be used when you have sore nipples. Before use, check with your doctor.