AVENT non-spill cup to drink 260ml of science 12+ 782/20

Philips Avent

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  • The innovative product from Avent cup spill self-study of drinking dedicated to children from 12 months of age. The revolutionary system allows, without regurgitation, use a cup without the mouthpiece or straw. A choice of green or red.

Package Contents:
1 x 260ml container,
1 x nut with handle and lid,
1 x 3-piece valve system.

cup is manufactured using a material not containing bisphenol A cup innovation is the use of three-part of the valve system. Activates only in contact with the mouth, to prevent accidental spillage of liquids. It also stimulates learning to drink independently, because the child can drink anywhere around the edges (not indicated any mouthpiece or straws), just as in traditional cups for adults. Cup is equipped with a nut with handles, so that the child can comfortably hold it in handles and a lid, particularly suitable for travel, protects from dirt cup.

Kubeczek designed for self-study of drinking for children over 12 months of age.