AVENT pacifier bottle 0+ Natural x 2 pieces 651/27

Philips Avent

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  • Pacifier bottle Natural Baby is a must every mom who wants easy and stress free move to bottle feeding. Pacifier is made of silicone safe, almost perfectly mimics the breast, which significantly affects the comfort feeding.

The company has created Avent pacifier specifically for newborn babies, who for various reasons can not be breastfed. Pacifier has 1 hole, which results in very slow flow of food, so no worries you can feed the babies from the first days of life. In order to more closely resemble the way of bottle feeding to breastfeeding, developed the unique shape of the pacifier. It is wider than any other available on the market, in addition to built a unique flakes, which are designed to mimic the structure of the breast and to prevent collapsing of the teat.For the comfort of the baby during feeding, a system antykolkowy that minimizes the occurrence of colic and irritability. Double valve in the nipple discharges air back into the bottle. As with all pacifiers company Avent, also this is made ​​from a soft, odorless and bezsmakowego silicone, which does not contain harmful bisfenolou A.

Teat Natural 0+ is recommended for babies from the first days of life.The product can be used only with bottles Philips Avent Natural.