AVENT soother 0-6m Boy & Girl x 2 pieces 172/18

Philips Avent

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  • Avent series Boy & Girl is soothers with attractive motifs for boys and girls. What is important for mothers, they are completely safe, soft, orthodontic and easy to keep clean.

Package Contents:
2 x silicone pacifier, 2 x hygienic cap snap.

Diverse applications teats Avent Boy & Girl will select attractive pacifier for each child. Indispensable every mom product will help to calm the child, satisfying the need for sucking. Pacifier stimulates the correct development of the palate, gums and teeth, thanks to the extremely dbałemu detail orthodontic execution. Used to produce material guarantees safety because they do not contain toxic bisphenol A. In addition, it is odorless and tasteless. Importantly, the pacifier can be subjected to multiple sterilization and maintain its purity protective cap on the latch. The flat shield with 6 holes will prevent skin irritation and accumulation of saliva, thanks to the free flow of air. A special holder will quickly and safely eject the teat with the baby's mouth and symmetrical drop a pacifier will perform the functions even when the product is twist.

soother Avent Boy & Girl is designed for children aged 0-6 months.

Additional information:
The product can be washed in a dishwasher.