AVENT soother 0-6m x 2 Sensitive art 178/23

Philips Avent

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  • Soother Sensitive product needed each mother. It guarantees safety and support for the natural development of the child's mouth, and an added plus is that it's easy to keep it clean.

Package Contents:
2 x silicone pacifier, 2 x hygienic cap snap.

Series nipples Sensitive helps to calm the child, because it meets the need for sucking. Teat Avent Sensitive can be used without risk of discomfort due to a mismatch pacifier to the child's mouth. Safe, free of bisphenol A silicone, it was made ​​a pacifier does not have a taste and smell. The softness of the material and a pacifier shield with 6 holes guarantee no irritation of sensitive children's skin. The product is equipped with a protective cap closure, which keeps the teat hygiene. Convenient ring handle makes it easy to remove the pacifier by both child and parents. Nipple innovation is to reduce the collection of saliva and reduce the risk of irritation. The advantage is the possibility of repeated sterilization. Pacifier does not tend to be sticky, distortion and color changes.

soother Avent Sensitive designed for children aged 0-6 months.

Additional information:
The product can be washed in a dishwasher.