AVENT soother MINI x 2 pcs

Philips Avent

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  • AVENT silicone teat for babies, is made of durable, odorless and bezsmakowego material with a comfortable baby-shaped nieutrudniającym food intake. Pattern pacifier prevents swallowing excess air by an infant.
AVENT pacifiers are specially designed wide shape so that the child was forced to a wide open mouth during feeding and to literally close the pacifier in his mouth. As a result, the child eating performs the same movements of the tongue and jaw like during breastfeeding.Silicone teats does not change the taste and odor administered food.Therefore, using pacifiers AVENT mother can easily combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. The figure below illustrates the unique shape AVENT products.

Features and benefits:

  • while eating a child performs the same movements as when breastfeeding

  • It does not change the taste or smell of administered food

  • prevents swallowing air by the child during the intake

During feeding antypróżniowa cap pacifier lets powietrzedo bottle, giving your child milk in accordance with its own rytmemssania, eliminating the formation of a vacuum. Clearly audible świstjest guarantee that the air enters the bottle and not dobrzuszka child. It is believed that it is the air połykaneprzez child during feeding causes painful colic.

2 pacifiers AVENT same kind MINI