AXOLAN x 30 capsules burning sugar simple


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  • AXOLAN is a product that works burning sugar simple and positive effect on metabolic processes of carbohydrates and fats. Exhibits antioxidant properties. Reduces the feeling of fatigue.

1 capsule: Alpha-lipoic acid 300 mg gamma-linolenic acid 180 mg vitamin E 7.5 mg, vitamin B5, 4.5 mg, vitamin B6 1.4 mg vitamin B2 1.2 mg vitamin B1 1 05 mg Selenium 25 mcg.

The product has a complex and unique composition. It includes alpha-lipoic acid, which is responsible for acceleration of the combustion of glucose and increased glycogen storage in the liver.Also has a positive effect on the metabolism of sugars and fats.Vitamin E and selenium have antioxidant properties and protect against the harmful effects of free radicals. The B vitamins are co-enzymes metabolizing sugars faktory. They act regulating effect on the body's energy at the cellular level.

It is recommended to use the product in patients with impaired nerve conduction (diabetic polyneuropathy), diabetics and people with impaired carbohydrate metabolism.

How to use:
Use orally at a dose of 1-2 caps. / 24 while eating