B17 vitamin Amygdalin (Amygdalina)


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B17 vitamin Amygdalin (Amygdalina) x 60 capsules

  • B-17 (B17) Amygdalin (Amygdalina) EcaMedica is a dietary supplement gained from an extract of apricot Prunus L. armenica and has proven important to maintain high resistance body's immune system.


B17 vitamin Amygdalin (Amygdalina) Ingredients:

extract of apricot (Prunus armenica L.) standardized on the content amygdalin;
1 capsule per day includes: Extract of apricot 22,8mg including amygdalin 0,228mg


B17 vitamin Amygdalin (Amygdalina) Additional substances:

microcrystalline cellulose (filler), magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide (anti-caking), the components of the capsule (gelatin - shell component, titanium dioxide - color)

B-17 Amygdalin EcaMedica, has high quality, dry extract, apricot kernel which is a rich source of amygdalin - characterized by high bioavailability for the human body. Proven effects of vitamin B-17 on the human body, has been confirmed in numerous scientific reports, and regular supplementation of the organism in amygdalin has an impact on increasing the natural resistance of the organism and to preserve his health. Vitamin B-17 is also indicated in cancer prevention.

B-17 amygdalin, it is recommended to increase the natural immunity.