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BABIX baby balm cosmetic


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Babix Baby Balsam, BABIX baby balm cosmetic

pack size:50g Dosage form:balm

The purely plant-based remedy, even for the little ones.

Soothing and nourishing balm with purely natural ingredients.

Care balm for soothing massage and aromatherapy

BABIX baby balm cosmetic:

The Babix baby care balm was specially developed for our little ones. With its unique combination of herbal ingredients, it cares for and protects the delicate baby skin very gently and naturally. Selected, natural essential oils with a particularly mild profile are used. The high-quality formula not only ensures good skin tolerance, but of course also a pleasant scent! The balm is suitable for baby massage for the chest and back and can be gently massaged into these areas if necessary. This relaxes the muscles and promotes relaxed breathing. The balm is the ideal supplement and aroma care, especially in the cold season. Recommended as an ideal supplement not only for the little ones!

In case of possible allergies to the ingredients, ask your doctor or pharmacist.