BABIX Baby Thyme Bath 125 ml natural thyme oil

MICKAN Arzneimittel GmbH

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Babix ® -Baby Thyme Bath, natural thyme oil

Babix ® -Baby Thyme Bath is a liquid bath additive for the preparation of baths with natural thyme oil. The warmth and loving care during the bath, combined with the soothing scent of thyme, turns the bath into a feel-good bath and ensures relaxation. Babix ® -Baby Thyme Bath helps both small and large patients to sleep better at night. Babix ® baby thyme bath was specially developed for babies. The skin tolerance has been dermatologically tested and confirmed.

How is Babix ® baby thyme bath prepared?

Babix ® -Baby Thyme Bath, natural thyme oil

To prepare a baby bath (approx. 30 l of water), add the contents of ½ the cap to the bath water. For the "baby bucket" you use approx. 1/3 sealing cap. One or two caps are required for a full bath. The bathing temperature should be 35 - 38 ° C. A bath should last around 10 minutes and not exceed 20 minutes.