BABIX Inhalat N 10 ml treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract

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Babix-Inhalat N
gentle help through inhalation Proven for


Babix-Inhalat N is a drug for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract with thick mucus.

Babix-Inhalat N are drops for inhalation through evaporation. Babix-Inhalat N is a combination of two essential oils: eucalyptus oil and spruce needle oil.
Especially for babies, but also children and adults, Babix-Inhalat N can treat their colds gently and effectively.

Babix-Inhalat N is not suitable for consumption.
The medicinal product must not be brought into direct contact with the respiratory tract in infants and children.

How is Babix-Inhalat N used?
Two to four drops of Babix-Inhalat N are placed on an item of clothing near the nose (bib, scarf, pajama collar or cuddly toy).
This can be repeated every three to four hours if necessary.
The essential oils evaporate, are inhaled and enter the organism through the mucous membranes.
The bronchi are relaxed, the mucus is loosened and coughing is encouraged in a gentle way.

BABIX Inhalat N treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.