Baby balm, Soothing BALSAM for babies and children 20 g

Essential Care

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  • Baby balm. Soothing balm for babies and children of the Essential Care brand is a very delicate cosmetic that is designed to care for even the most demanding skin. Recommended for use as kem under a diaper or cradle cap.

shea butter *, coconut oil *, high oleic sunflower oil *, castor oil *, chamomile extract *.
*) produced and cultivated organically (100% of the product).
It does not contain chemistry!

Soothing balm for infants and children of the Essential Care brand, is a unique, completely ecological and natural product, dedicated to the care of the most delicate baby skin. The composition contains coconut oil, olive oil - moisturizing, with a high content of protective vitamins A, D and E, castor oil - protecting against moisture and shea butter along with camomile, which has anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal preparation for diaper care, massage and at the darkroom. It has a physiological pH and is hypoallergenic.

Soothing balm for infants and children of the Essential Care brand, can be used from the first days of life as a diaper cream, for whole body massage or for cradle cap.

How to use:
Apply the balm as needed on the scalp or under the diaper. Apply the massage with a gentle circular movement