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Baby nasal aspirator ASPINOSEK x 1 piece, nose sucker


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  • Baby nasal aspirator, nose sucker. ASPINOSEK The nasal aspirator contributes to the cleaning of the nasal cavities from the urinary fluid in young children and infants (who can not blow their nose out).

ASPINOSEK Nasal aspirator is a medical device that has been specially made for children, especially the youngest ones. Due to the fact that babies up to 12 months of age do not know how to breathe through their mouths, runny nose and a stuffy nose, they cause great discomfort. The mucus accumulated in the nasal cavities makes it difficult for children to breathe, sleep and other activities. Infants are not able to blow their noses on their own. What's more, the accumulated secretion can contribute to complications in the form of otitis media, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. ASPINOSEK Nasal Aspirator enables cleansing nasal cavities from mucus, which restores breathing comfort to children. It has a disposable filter that stops the extracted mucus. The set includes: mouthpiece - item 1,

It is recommended to use the product in children and infants in order to express the rheumatoid mucus.

How to use:
Apply to cleanse your nose. After use, the filter should be discarded and the aspirator washed with warm water with soap or dish soap. Then thoroughly dry all the elements and place a new filter in the nasal tip.