Baby teething | Water teether Heart 2/294 x 1 piece


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  • Baby teething. Your little one is entering a difficult period of teething? Swollen gums cause him discomfort and irritability? The water teether will bring you the heart of the Canpol brand. The product is safe because it is made of non-toxic material.

Type: Baby teething. The unique shape of the water teether The heart of the Canpol brand means that no baby will have a problem to keep it in his hands. The teether has been created for teething children, its patchy surface helps to reduce the pain of swollen gums. The product is made of soft, non-toxic material and is filled with distilled water.

Canpol Water teether Heart 2/294 recommended for use in Baby during teething.

Additional information:
Does not contain phthalates. Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. Do not boil, do not freeze.

How to use:
Before giving your child a teether, it should be cooled in a refrigerator. Keep the teether properly clean.