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Colds are a common occurrence in young children and infants. The biggest problem is that they still don't know how to blow their noses and need time to learn to do so.
Accumulated nasal secretions make it difficult to breathe, interfere with breastfeeding a young child, lead to general malaise of his condition, and often cause inflammation of the ears, bronchi or contribute to respiratory diseases. That is why it is especially important to regularly clean the nasal secretions, which is done using the Baby-Vac nasal aspirator.. A clinically proven product, it works effectively in removing secretions without injuring the nasal mucosa or causing pain to a young child. After regular use of the aspirator, the child's condition begins to improve, he breathes better, normally begins to eat and sleep.

The "A" marked head fits snugly against the nostril. Suctioning lasts for a few seconds intermittently until the nostrils are emptied of secretions. The aspirator head can move in different directions - up, down and sideways during the procedure. Suctioning can be repeated several times daily until the runny nose subsides.

Disinfection: by boiling

Aspirator assembly:

1. Chapter "A" is inserted into the cylinder marked "B".

2. Turn on the vacuum cleaner.

3. Place the "C" adapter in the vacuum cleaner tube.

Disassembling the hood

Remove the adapter "C" from the included vacuum cleaner. Then turn off the vacuum cleaner.

In the box of the aspirator you will find 2 pcs. suction heads "A".

Isn't it dangerous to suck secretions from the baby's nose with a vacuum cleaner?

No, because the appliance works with the help of a vacuum cleaner, not at full power. As the vacuum cleaner achieves constant suction, this also allows the nasal secretions formed in depth to be easily removed / approx. 30 sec. continuous suction /

Does the use of the appliance cause pain? Isn't it unpleasant?

Usually children do not like it when their nose is confused, but a stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, ear pain and other possible complications are much more unpleasant than nasal aspiration within a few seconds.

Can the device also be used for newborns?

In case the newborn has difficulty breathing due to a stuffy or runny nose, the use of an aspirator is mandatory, as the small baby cannot breathe normally through the mouth. After the nasal secretion is sucked out, it will be able to eat and sleep peacefully again.

How often can the appliance be used?

How many times does the child need the secretion to be sucked out.

Does using an aspirator have any side effects?

The use of the device has no side effects, as well as the suction of nasal secretions.

Do I need to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner?

From the deep nasal passages with poor suction, the secretion cannot be removed, it is important to obtain a suitable strength and regular suction. The nasal aspirator, which works with the help of a vacuum cleaner, achieves this effect.

Isn't the child afraid, won't he be scared of the vacuum cleaner?

Every child is different, one is afraid of the vacuum cleaner from the very beginning and gets used to it after a certain time, another has fun with it and even wants to use it.

It is recommended that parents use it on themselves for the first time and then show the child how to clean the nose in the form of a game.
In newborns, this habituation to the vacuum cleaner is not yet possible and the procedure should be done according to the attached instructions.

Is the procedure sterile enough?

The vacuum cleaner does not need to be sterile, just as the saliva extractor in the dentist's office is not sterile. It is sufficient if the aspirator is clean and the head of the device marked with the letter "A" is sterile / or sterilized by boiling /. With regular use, it is sufficient to wash the appliance with an antibacterial agent.