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Babycare tooth gel for baby teeth, TÖPFER


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TÖPFER Babycare tooth gel for baby teeth

Pack size:50ml Dosage form:gel


for baby teeth TÖPFER Babycare tooth gel for milk teeth. Without fluoride.

Natural cosmetics.

Babycare tooth gel for baby teeth, TÖPFER  Characteristics:


  • The tooth gel is suitable from the first tooth onwards
  • It does not contain any fluorides, can also be used with simultaneous administration of fluoride
  • Xylitol (birch sugar) has an anti-caries effect
  • Compatible with homeopathy (without menthol)
  • Natural silica removes plaque particularly gently without damaging tooth enamel
  • without surfactants
  • 61% of the total product is organic


Babycare tooth gel for baby teeth, TÖPFER Ingredients:

organic glycerin, water, silica, xylitol, organic sea buckthorn pulp extract, organic marigold extract, orris root extract, organic myrrh extract, organic rosemary leaves extract, organic wheat bran extract, thickener, carrageenan, vegetable oil, p-anisic acid, pH regulators.

Active ingredients

  • Sea buckthorn fruit powder
  • Iris germanica root extract
  • Marigold flower extract
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Myrrh extract
  • Xylitol


  • Silicon dioxide, highly disperse
  • 4-anisic acid
  • Sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment
  • Triglycerides, medium chain
  • Water, purified
  • Citric acid
  • Wheat bran extract
  • Carrageenan
  • Glycerol

A new, exciting developmental step has taken place in your baby's life, the first tooth has appeared. Dental care should begin as soon as the first teeth emerge, as they are the placeholders for the permanent teeth. As with all other products from our company, you can be sure that you are giving your baby the best care with Babycare tooth gel. The natural ingredients clean the milk teeth optimally.

  • Since the enamel on milk teeth is thinner than on permanent teeth, silica is exactly the right thing for gentle cleaning.
  • Baby teeth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay. That's why we added xylitol to the tooth gel, which has an anti-cavity effect.
  • Bran and marigold gently care for the gums.
  • The tooth gel does not contain menthol or other ingredients that could interfere with homeopathic treatment.
  • The tooth gel is only slightly flavored thanks to the natural ingredients and has a pleasantly neutral taste.
  • It does not contain fluoride to avoid an overdose if fluoride is administered at the same time.
  • 90% of the total product without water and minerals is organic quality: