BABYHALER camera inhalation 1pc


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  • Babyhaler inhalation chamber for children, is a device which facilitates the use of drugs as inhaled aerosols under pressure. The camera is simple and hassle-free use, easy to clean and can be used many times.


  • face mask
  • valve external and internal
  • valve outer lid
  • holder to a dispenser
  • guard mouthpiece for children.

Babyhaler inhalation apparatus is also a device by which the administration of drugs as inhaled aerosols under pressure becomes easy and convenient. Babyhaler advantage is the ability to use it in any situation and at any place. Cleaning apparatus is not cumbersome and therefore can be used many times. The Babyhaler includes the necessary elements for its use - including a comfortable, tailored to the size of the mouth of most children's mask. How to use: Before applying Babyhalera the first time, please read the rules of use of the camera. Before use, check that both valves camera work properly. To do this, set Babyhaler straight face mask and press the mouth. Holding the device in this position sees two blue valve. Perform quietly inhale and exhale through the mask. During exhalation should move slightly valve outer (upper). During inhalation, conversely, the valve inside. Preparation of the dispenser with the drug.Remove the cover of the mouthpiece. Shake well dispenser. Press lightly dispenser with the drug in its grip. The mouthpiece should be directed into the camera.

Administration of the drug. The doctor determines how many doses each child should receive. Keep in mind that the camera is given each time only one dose.
Babyhaler grasp the hand holding it horizontally. Press thumb once with a drug dispenser, making one portion of the chamber of a medicament for the camera. Then, as quickly as possible, apply the mask to the nose and mouth of the child (Babyhaler used in such a position in which they hold a child is most comfortable). It should be noted that the mask tightly enclose the nose and mouth of the child.

Babyhaler hold until the child does not perform 5 - 10 breaths (approx. 15 sec.). You can count the breaths the child watching the movement of the valve apparatus. After an appropriate time to put down Babyhaler.

Remove the dispenser with the drug from the camera. Put the cover on the mouthpiece of the dispenser. Babyhaler should be stored in a protective pouch. If you use Babyhalera makes it very difficult, you can try again when the baby sleeps. It is important to remember that when you press and release the dispenser dose Babyhaler should be held horizontally