BABYSTART BioCheck fertility test women x 2 pcs.


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  • abystart BioCheckTM is a one, the jet immunoassay for the qualitative detection of FSH in the urine, which helps in evaluating fertility in women.

The assay uses a combination of antibodies, including FSH monoclonal antibody, enabling selective detection of elevated levels of FSH. The assay is performed by placing the tip of the urine absorbing or immersion in the urine and read the result on the basis of the color bars. The test can be performed on any day of the month and again after 1 week.

A negative test result indicates that the FSH levels are not elevated.This is a good sign, although it does not necessarily mean lack of problems with fertility. If there are irregular menstrual periods or symptoms of menopause, it is recommended medical consultation. In the case of a positive test result should be for 5-7 days, the test repeated. Obtaining in both cases a positive result would mean that the level of FSH is actually elevated. If a woman will want to get pregnant, you should first check with your doctor. High levels of FSH may also indicate the status of pre-menopausal and if you will persist in symptoms such as irregular periods, hot ebb, mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, should discuss their stated results and symptoms with a specialist.

If the second test also proves to be negative, it will mean that FSH levels are not elevated.