BACHBLÜTEN Rock Water drops

Nelsons GmbH

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Bach ® –Blüte Rock Water, 20 ml

Sales description:
Spirituose (27% vol)

Net volume:
20 ml

Nelsons GmbH, Heegbarg 2, D – 22391 Hamburg

Instructions for use
Bach – Flowers 20 ml:
Put 2 drops in a glass of water and drink in sips . Or put 2 drops in a bottle with 30 ml of still mineral water and take 4 drops several times a day.

Alcohol content:
27% vol

Indication / application

  • Emotion description:
    • If you set yourself too high standards, ROCK WATER is good for you.
  • The Original Bach ® single flower essences in a traditional 20 ml bottle. Alcohol content 27% vol
  • The original Bach ® flowers
    • In the 1930s, the Englishman Edward Bach defined 38 basic emotional states and developed corresponding flower essences with them. These are known as the Original Bach ® Flowers. He used the flowers of wild plants and trees as well as rock water to make it. The Original Bach ® flowers can support us in facing the emotional challenges of daily life.
    • You can use the Original Bach ® flowers individually or put together a Bach ® flower mix that is tailored to your emotional situation.
  • RESCUE ® - The Original Bach ® flower mix
    • The Englishman Edward Bach designed the well-known Original RESCUE ® mixture of five Original Bach ® flower essences in the 30s of the last century.
    • Original RESCUE ® is now available in different versions such as B. available as drops in the traditional pipette bottle or as fruity lozenges and is used by consumers in over 45 countries.
    • Combined with the Original Bach ® White Chestnut flowers, also available as RESCUE NIGHT ® - the Original Bach ® flowers for the night!