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Badger COLOUR 125ml, badger balm


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  • Badger balm. Borsucza ointment, is a natural preparation which comprises a composition respectively composed of herbs and ingredients, possessing refreshing, inhaler and relaxing. Ointment is recommended to rub and massage the chest, neck, neck and back.

The composition of 20 herbs

Action: Ointment Borsucza (badger balm), is a completely natural formulation that has the properties ascribed to the once real ointments with fat badger. Ointment is perfect, as a preparation to rub and massage the area of the chest, neck, neck, back, or the forehead and temples. After application of the ointment, gradually release active ingredients that help to alleviate the pain, refresh, inhale and relax.

Application: Ointment Borsucza, the preparation recommended for massage and rub the sore, tense areas of the body such as the chest, neck, neck. Back.