BAIFEM K gel 40g best intimate bleaching cream, sex polska

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  • Baifem K is a protective and soothing gel for the care of intimate surroundings. Protection against irritations, abrasions and infections, regenerates delicate and sensitive skin around the intimate, soothes irritations and abrasions.
Moisturizes and tones. Restores and maintains proper pH supporting the natural defense mechanisms. The delicate, hypoallergenic gel formula Baifem K contains an extract from the root of skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis Root Extracti) and lactic acid. Substances contained in the extract from the root of skullcap show a strong soothing and soothing irritation and microtrauma mucosa. There are also antibacterial and help skin regeneration processes. The effectiveness of the extract of skullcap has been confirmed by tests.Lactic acid restores and maintains proper pH pubic risk of infection motivated bacterial and fungal. Light consistency of gel moisturizes and tones the delicate skin around the pubic area. Baifem K does not contain fragrances and dyes. Tested by experts in gynecology and dermatology. Recommended: In situations and times of increased susceptibility to irritation and infection of intimate body, .: approximation intimate, use of antibiotics, wearing tight underwear or pants, cycling or horse riding, travel, particularly during the summer months and longer, obesity, and postmenopausal period about. for everyday care. How to use: a small amount of gel on the intimate surroundings of the body, in particular the place susceptible to abrasion. Use twice daily or as needed.