Balneum Baby Basic Oil


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Balneum Baby Basic Oil 

Package 500 ml

Balneum Baby Basic Oil d / bath. soothing 50

Indications and action

- Balneum Baby Basic bath oils containing ingredients of natural (plant) origin can be used daily. They are available in two versions: caring and soothing. They were created on the basis of natural, highly purified soybean oil, rich in lipids and valuable unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, making them ideal for the daily care of a child's delicate skin.

- Balneum Baby Basic bath oils turn out to be an excellent choice. Their concentrated formula means that one package of the product lasts longer than a package of other similar baby bath products available in pharmacies. Adding 5 ml of the preparation to the bathtub with water ensures optimal care for your baby. As a result, one 500 ml package is sufficient for 100 baths (over 3 months), while other oils - according to the manufacturers' recommendations - for 25-67. Bath oils Balneum Baby Basic are up to 300% more efficient than competing products available on the market, and thus - the most economical.

- Children's skin is particularly exposed to various diseases, manifested by dryness or itching. The most common of them is atopic dermatitis (AD), which causes the child to wake up often at night, and by scratching dry and inflamed areas, aggravating the problem. In such cases, it is recommended to use Balneum Baby Basic Soothing Oil for Bathing. In addition to natural, refined soybean oil, it contains the topical anti-itching substance Laureth-6.5 to help combat itching and soothe dry and irritated skin.