BARFERS Oil well food for dogs vet. 500 ml

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BARFERS Oil well food for dogs vet. 

To optimally supplement the BARF meal with essential fatty acids

Barfen is becoming more and more popular among dog owners. Canina® Barfer's Oil consists of naturally pure, cold-pressed hemp oil that is obtained at low temperatures and then mechanical filtration. Post-treatment (refining or steaming) does not take place. Hemp oil provides essential (vital) fatty acids for the entire metabolism of the dog and its skin health (gamma-linolenic acid). It is easily digestible and dogs like it because of its mild, nutty, slightly hay-like taste. Hemp oil is particularly rich in essential fatty acids, which the dog cannot produce itself and which must therefore be fed to it. With its valuable vital substances, it is indispensable, especially for dogs that are fed with raw meat (BARF).

Together with Caninas® Barfer's Best, Canina® Barfer's Oil covers daily needs, and the meat meal is complete - regardless of whether raw or cooked

Content: 500ml

BARFERS Oil well food for dogs vet. Composition: Hemp oil (natural, cold-pressed)

BARFERS Oil well food for dogs vet. Ingredients per kg: Fat 100%, of which saturated fatty acids 11 %, monounsaturated fatty acids 13%, polyunsaturated fatty acids 76% (of which gamma-linolenic acid 3%)

Energy value per 100g: 900kcal / 3,700KJ

Feeding recommendation per animal and day: 1 teaspoon (approx. 5ml) per 10 kg body weight