BARLEY GRASS HORDEUM vulgar capsules 120 pcs

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Organic barley grass capsules high-dose

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Due to the large amount of antioxidants, barley grass is anti-inflammatory and thus the green superfood serves as the perfect basis for strengthening the immune system

HIGH-DOSE BARLEY GRASS - The organic barley grass capsules are high-dose with 425 mg of organic barley grass powder each day and should be taken as a daily dietary supplement 2x2 capsules are taken

LAB-TESTED QUALITY - Each batch of organic barley grass capsules are made from high-quality barley grass powder and tested and certified by independent laboratories for your safety

VEGAN & WITHOUT ADDITIVES - Compared to other barley grass capsules, our organic barley grass capsules do not contain any additives, flavors, colorings or preservatives.

MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY - The organic barley grass capsules are manufactured in Germany under the highest quality standards and provided as a dietary supplement.

Organic barley grass capsules high dose 120 pieces - 425mg barley grass powder per capsule.

• 100% natural ingredients
• 100% vegan - purely plant-based
• controlled organic quality
• grown and manufactured in Germany
• no preservatives or colorings
• no additives and flavors

How do barley grass capsules actually work?

Barley grass capsules show that they are rich in vitamins and minerals and therefore have a good effect on the immune system and health. The high content of antioxidants protects the cells from being destroyed by free radicals and supports the human organism in cell renewal.

Barley grass also has an alkaline effect and can counteract acidification in your body. So it brings the acid-base balance into equilibrium.

This is what we value for you:

Controlled organic quality - quality instead of quantity.

So that you are on the safe side, we pay close attention to how our products are made and what they are made from. We make sure that there are no chemical residues and that there is sufficient biodiversity in the fields.

BARLEY GRASS HORDEUM vulgar 100% vegan
Our barley grass capsules are made without the use of animal products and are therefore 100% vegan.

BARLEY GRASS HORDEUM vulgar No additives
every batch is checked and tested by an independent laboratory, so we are safe

BARLEY GRASS HORDEUM vulgar Food supplements. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!