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BASICA DIRECT sachets. Due to the fact that modern man eats small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables and eats foods with high acid content, a lot of acids accumulate in his body. The lack of alkalizing substances leads to the appearance of "chronic acidosis". The consequences are nervousness, chronic fatigue, stress, reduced ability to work, exhaustion and others.
In order to eliminate the excess acid, additional alkaline minerals must be taken.
Basica supplies the required amount of vital alkaline minerals, which restore the acid-base balance in organisms to normal values.
Bazika Direct should be taken by pregnant and lactating women, active sports people and adults. It is recommended when following a weight loss diet.
It does not contain lactose.

BASICA DIRECT sachets Dosage:

The daily dose is 2 sachets / morning and evening /. It is taken without water. Drink fluids if necessary.