Bath salts BOROWIN and wraps with lavender 1350g, rheumatism, anti cellulite treatment


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  • Bath salts for rheumatism, anti cellulite treatment. BOROWIN SALT is a preparation used for bath and wraps, which has anti-inflammatory properties. It brings relief in the case of rheumatic and post-traumatic diseases and fights cellulite.

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The product is characterized by a complex composition and is intended for external use. First of all, it is responsible for anti-inflammatory, anti-swelling and warming effects, thanks to which it works during neutralization of ailments connected with rheumatic and post-traumatic diseases. In addition, it reduces pain and improves circulation. It also positively affects the condition of the skin, preventing it from premature aging and limiting the orange skin.

It is recommended to use the preparation in the case of rheumatism and degenerative diseases and post-traumatic conditions. Also indicated during anti-cellulite treatment.

Pour 2 salt capsules into the bath. As part of the wraps, use a paste prepared from 2-3 salt caps mixed with a small amount of water, paste the paste on the selected body site.