BAY O PET dentifrice, spearmint for small dogs, dogs dental care

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dogs dental care, BAY O PET dentifrice, spearmint for small dogs

Pack size:140 Dosage form:Stripes

Bay · o · Pet® chew strips with Spearmint
supplementary feed for small dogs

For tartar prophylaxis and against bad breath

Field of application:
Dental care

- Spearmint (green mint) ensures fresh breath
- Teeth and gums are mechanically cleaned
- Free of plaque
- Protects against tooth decay and periodontal disease
- Chewing muscles and teeth are strengthened
- Natural enzymes are released
The nutrient-rich seaweed also ensures biologically high quality - Vitamins - trace elements - minerals

For dogs for tartar prophylaxis and against bad breath, dogs dental care.

Bay · o · Pet® chewing strips with spearmint (spearmint) train the chewing muscles and care for the teeth using the dog's natural chewing instinct.

Bay · o · Pet® chewing strips make a useful contribution to the daily diet and to increasing the well-being of your dog. Bay · o · Pet® chew strips with Spearmint are made of high quality cowhide and are completely eaten by your dog. The chewing strips are therefore a low-calorie reward snack that is not stressful. Bay · o · Pet® chewing strips contain a special seaweed that is characterized by its extraordinarily high content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and, above all, its high content of highly digestible protein. Your dog will therefore receive an additional serving of these high-quality nutrients with every reward.

Bay · o · Pet® chew strips are treated with a whey concentrate. This whey concentrate not only tastes great for your dog, but it also contains a large number of valuable milk proteins, which are characterized by their high amino acid content. In addition to the many nutritional and physiological advantages, the chewing strip is also used for the natural cleaning of the dog's teeth.

Suitable for allergy sufferers:

Through the intensive chewing for several minutes, plaque is removed mechanically and the body's own enzymes are released, which intensify tooth cleaning.

Another plus of Bay o Pet® chewing strips:
The chewing strips contain a natural spearmint aroma (spearmint), which keeps the breath fresh for a long time, so that the closeness of humans and dogs is not disturbed by the animal's unpleasant bad breath.

Dogs dental care Dosage form:
Bay o Pet® chew strips with spearmint for small dogs up to 20 kg
folding box with plastic bag, 140 g (small chewing strip size)
Bay o Pet® chewing strips with spearmint for large dogs over 20 kg
folding box with plastic bag , 140 g (large Chewing strip size)

Target species:

Dogs dental care  Ingredients: Crude
protein: 90.0% Crude
fat: 2.2%
Crude fiber: 0.4% Crude
ash: 4.2%

Feed composition:
Meat and animal by-products, milk and dairy products, vegetable by-products and algae.

Dogs dental care Feeding
recommendation : One chewing strip per day. In the case of weight loss, a meal can be replaced by a chewable stick. The size and shape of the Bay · o · Pet® chewing strips have been carefully selected to ensure safe use. Please watch your dog during the first administration, as in very rare cases larger pieces may be swallowed. Contact your vet if necessary.

Dogs dental care  Additional information:
Store in a cool, dry place.