BAY O PET dog ear wax refill bottle for dogs, cat

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BAY O PET dog ear wax refill bottle for dogs, cat

Pack size:250 ml Dosage form:liquid

Bay-o-Pet ear cleaner gently and thoroughly cleans the ears of dogs and cats with the active ingredients of algae substances.

Against ear wax and dirt in dogs and cats. BAY O PET dog ear wax

Bay · o · Pet® ear rinse is an ideal product for simple, quick and thorough ear cleaning. The ear irrigation is a solution made from natural algae substances, which guarantees the cleaning of the ear canal in two ways. On the one hand mechanically, by rinsing the ear canal wall in a spiral with the special applicator. On the other hand, through the enzymes contained in the solution, which dissolve ear wax and dirt. Bad odor in the ears is eliminated and prevented in the long term.

BAY O PET dog ear wax Dosage form:
2 x 25 ml bottle with special applicator for dogs and cats, 250 ml refill bottle

Target species:
dog, cat

BAY O PET dog ear wax Type of application:
Bay · o · Pet® ear irrigation is only used with the special applicator (see photo). This is big enough not to penetrate too deeply into the ear canal. The additional pressure relief grooves prevent unpleasant negative pressure in the ear when filling the liquid. This makes it extremely safe and easy to use; even sudden movements of the animal cannot damage the sensitive ear canal. The enzymes develop their activity immediately and achieve a deep and thorough cleansing.

  1. Unscrew the cap of the refill bottle. Remove the sealing film. Pull off the leakage protection (small green cap).
  2. Squeeze the empty bottle and place it on the bottle. Turn the bottle and flacon over. Slowly loosen the squeezed bottle to allow the cleaning solution to flow into it.
  3. Screw on the special applicator.
  4. Place the applicator on the ear canal and gently rinse the Bay · o · Pet® ear cleaner solution into the ear.
  5. Massage the ear canal gently to help distribute the fluid.
  6. Gently wipe off any leakage and the inner auricle.

By shaking its head, the animal takes care of the removal of the liquid itself; remaining residues do not have to be dried.

Under no circumstances use cotton swabs or the like to clean the ear canal, as there is a risk of injury.

Bay · o · Pet® ear rinse is a natural product and does not cause irritation.