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BD Discardit™ II syringe

Becton Dickinson GmbH

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BD Discardit™ II syringe

Two-piece syringes with Luer connector

Dosage form: Squirt

BD Discardit™ II syringe:


The crystal clear syringe barrel makes the contents of the syringe easy to see.
• Two-part syringes with Luer connector
• The plunger of the syringe slides evenly until the contents of the syringe are completely discharged.
• Piston stop by retaining ring
• Smooth and uniform piston movement for precise application
• Easy-to-read, smudge-proof scale quality
• Syringe barrel made of polypropylene
• Piston rod made of polyethylene
• Piston lubricant oleamide
• Packaging units color-coded
• EO-sterilized
• Sterile individual packaging, single use, latex-free, PVC-free