Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast


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Be Slim Fast x 60 tablets, the best way to lose weight fast

  • Dietary supplement Be Slim Fast facilitates weight loss through natural ingredients. Lifts including of cayenne pepper, green coffee and tea, nettle, bitter orange and grapefruit stimulates fat reduction.


Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast Ingredients:

The content of the recommended daily dose Be Slim Fast - 2 tablets: CITROXIN ™ - 150 mg, including: an extract of bitter orange contains 6% synephrine - 70mg, grapefruit extract - 50 mg, Guarana Extract, including 22% of the caffeine - 30mg, calculated on dried guarana - 270mg; an extract of green coffee, in which 50% of the chlorogenic acid - 30 mg, based on the green coffee - 300 mg; extract from green tea leaves, including 45% polyphenols - 350mg, calculated on the dried leaves of green tea - 1750mg; extract of coffee (95% Coffein, 125mg) - 264 mg; an extract of cayenne pepper, including the 8% capsaicin - 80mg; extract of nettle - 456mg, calculated on the dried herb nettle - 2736mg.


Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast Action:


Diet and exercise are not enough to achieve success in weight loss?Dietary supplement Be Slim Fast based on natural extracts of plants that have a positive effect on weight control. The unique complex Citroxin ™ combines the power of up to three extracts. These are extracts from grapefruit, bitter orange and guarana. Bitter Orange is a source of synephrine, which supports the metabolism of lipids and carbohydrates, while flavonoids derived from grapefruit help maintain endogenous microflora and have a positive influence on the condition of the intestines. Guarana contains caffeine supporting fat metabolism, and thus the control of body weight. The extract of green coffee is a treasure trove of chlorogenic acid, and green tea extract affects the body in three ways: antioxidant, energizing and vitalizing. Green tea facilitates the regulation of glucose and cholesterol in the blood and stimulates the removal of water from the body. Green tea also contributes to fanning fat in the process of beta-oxidation. Cayenne pepper extract has antioxidant and thanks to capsaicin accelerates the reduction of adipose tissue. Extract of green nettle stimulates excretion of water from the body and thus helps the urinary tract.


Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast Applications:

Dietary supplement Be Slim Fast recommended for weight control, for adults.

Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast information:
Contains caffeine (292,5mg caffeine daily servings). The product Be Slim Fast may not be treated as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store in a dry place, out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast Contraindications:
Do not use Be Slim Fast in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the product, and in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Be Slim Fast, the best way to lose weight fast Usage:
Recommended daily dose: 2 tablets. Take twice daily one tablet, for about half an hour before a meal. Drink plenty of fluid. Do not exceed the recommended daily servings for consumption.