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BEAPHAR Lactol Kitty Milk, Powdered milk substitute for kittens


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BEAPHAR Lactol Kitty Milk Powdered milk substitute for kittens 250 g

Characteristics of

Beaphar Lactol Kitty Milk - powdered milk for kittens. Complete milk replacer for kittens up to 35 days old.

Indications BEAPHAR Lactol Kitty Milk, Powdered milk substitute for kittens

Complete milk replacer prepared for orphaned and indigestible kittens (in the case of a large litter) from birth to 35 days of age. The product can also be a supplement to the diet of female cats during pregnancy and lactation.

Action BEAPHAR Lactol Kitty Milk, Powdered milk substitute for kittens

Ordinary cow's milk does not provide the necessary amounts of protein and fat for young kittens. The composition of Kitty Milk has been modified to provide the best source of nutrients necessary for very young kittens. Kitty Milk provides optimally balanced amounts of fat and all necessary vitamins and minerals for the best development of the young body. The preparation has been enriched with DHA (Omega 3 fatty acids naturally present in kitten milk). Thanks to a special powder drying process, the protein contained in Kitty Milk is easily digestible, which brings significant benefits for kittens. Kitty Milk contains many essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements.
It is well tolerated by kittens. Balanced nutrients ensure stable, healthy growth of kittens. It is very easy to prepare the mixture ready for feeding. The included spoon allows for precise dosing, and the detailed description and recommendations in the internal leaflet are a source of valuable information.

Use BEAPHAR Lactol Kitty Milk, Powdered milk substitute for kittens

Place the appropriate, measured amount of milk powder in the bottle. Add Kitty Milk to warm, not boiling water and stir until completely dissolved. After cooling to 38°C, the milk is ready for serving. Older pets may prefer to drink cold Kitty Milk. It is recommended to give milk to young animals in a sterile feeding set. Prepared milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. Recommended proportions: mix 30 g (12 scoops) with 105 ml of warm water (1 scoop approximately 2.5 g of powder), which gives approximately 130 ml of ready-made milk. The internal leaflet contains recommended daily doses.