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BEAUTY FORMULAS ACTIVE Thread minted waxed 200m, dental thread

Beauty Formulas

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  • Dental thread. BEAUTY FORMULAS ACTIVE The waxed mint threads are extremely thin and therefore easy to get between the teeth, cleansing precisely the spaces in which food remains can be found.

Nylon 66, Micromancer Skin, Ina, Aroma, Cera Alba.

Action: The product is in the form of mint, waxed thread. It is intended for threading, which is responsible for thorough cleaning of the interdental spaces. Due to the fact that the threads are extremely thin and have a flat cross-section, they easily get into even very tight spaces, where the toothbrush does not reach. It is worth knowing that the food that is deposited, is degraded by bacteria, which causes the formation of acids that adversely affect the condition of the teeth and substances that cause inflammation of the gums. Filing allows you to protect against such accidents.

Threads are indicated for use between the dental spaces to remove food debris.

Directions for use:
Apply topically. It is recommended to tear off about 45 cm of thread and wrap it loosely around the middle fingers, in such a way that there are about 2 cm of thread between them. Next, stretch the thread with your thumb and index fingers, then gently push it between your teeth, paying attention to the gums. The next interdental spaces should be cleaned with a fresh piece of thread.