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Med Plus

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  • Medical bubble. Formerly the bubbles were a popular method of treating various diseases. The Med Plus product. The inflammable medical bulb is a simple and safe way to strengthen, among others the immune system. Bubble with a valve with a diameter of 40mm.

Cups is a universal product that helps strengthen the immune and nervous systems. They also help to improve blood circulation and have a relaxing effect on muscle tone. Cups are also used in therapies based on the methods of traditional Chinese medicine to put them in acupuncture points. The cups act on the principle of sucking the skin through the vacuum created in it, which leads to the cracking of the subcutaneous blood vessels. The blood released in this way (in this place a hematoma is formed) is treated by the immune system as a foreign protein. This is a signal to create a large number of immune bodies. When they encounter their own blood, they search for a real infection that they can fight. When the mechanical pressure is exerted on the skin by the vacuum created in the bulb, her nerve endings are irritated, and the blood supply is also increased. Placing bubbles may also have an analgesic effect in situations where conventional therapeutic agents fail, eg in chronic back pain, pain in the course of rheumatoid arthritis, headaches caused by nervous tension, also in the case of insomnia.

Medical flameless bulb designed for use as a treatment aid in the case of: chronic respiratory diseases, colds (catarrhs, pharyngitis, tracheitis, influenza), recurrent angina, chronic cough, bronchitis, pleura or lungs, bronchial asthma, radiculitis , muscle and neuralgia, sciatica, arthritis, nocturnal enuresis, hypersensitive bowel syndrome, lack of or painful menstruation, acute and chronic pain in the sacro-lumbar region, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and urinary tract as well as cardiac and circulatory disorders . For prophylactic use as a means to strengthen the immune system in sick children, susceptible to respiratory tract infections and in bed-ridden patients, permanently immobilized.

Additional information:
Blisters can occur if the bubbles on the skin are too strong or too long. Immediately remove the bubble and contact your doctor.

Contraindications: The
bubble must not be placed near the heart, large blood vessels, and also around the eyes, ears, nose, warts, stomach, varicose veins and damaged or diseased skin, on pigmented nevi and pregnant women on the abdomen and in the lumbar region . According to some doctors, the use of bubbles in children under the age of 4 should be avoided. Children under the age of 7 leave bubbles for a maximum of 5 minutes, children older than 7 to 14 years to 10 minutes.

Directions for use:
Cups are placed at acupuncture points in accordance with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Depending on the condition or discomfort, choose the right place. Before using the bubbles, a medical consultation is recommended. While the cups are used correctly, there is a negligible risk of complications or side effects.